6 Ways to Supercharge Your ChatGPT Prompts for Digital Marketing

Needing to up you skill level of crafting ChatGPT prompts for Digital Marketing? Get our 6 steps to perfect prompts that includes real life prompts to use.

Picture this: You excitedly summon ChatGPT expecting it to dazzle you with its AI brilliance. But instead, it dishes out responses that make you scratch your head, wondering if it’s speaking a different language. It’s like talking to an alien trying to decode ancient hieroglyphs!

You know what the problem is with your ChatGPT prompts for Digital Marketing? We humans, in our mundane human ways, struggle to communicate with our digital minions.

We throw in vague prompts like “Hey, AI, do something cool!” and expect magic to happen. But alas, ChatGPT is no mind reader; it needs clear instructions, not riddles from the Sphinx! As my engineer mother used to say “Crap in, crap out.” 

It’s like ordering from a restaurant with an enormous menu, but you don’t specify what you want. So, the chef sends you a random plate, hoping it hits the spot. You end up with a plate full of mashed potatoes and spaghetti topped with ice cream—what a bizarre combo!

But don’t fret, my fellow AI adventurers! If you want to conquer the ChatGPT kingdom, you must learn the sacred art of prompt-writing jiu-jitsu!

Craft ChatGPT prompts for Digital Marketing that are laser-focused, short and snappy, and you’ll see the AI magic unfold before your very eyes.

We are going to share the secrets of a fantastic prompt, like a treasure map to AI success.

So, let’s decode this ChatGPT prompts for Digital Marketing puzzle together and slay the dragon of vague prompts! With wit, wisdom, and well-crafted prompts, we’ll reign as the AI masters of the universe!

The 6 Steps of Writing the Perfect ChatGPT prompts for Digital Marketing 

1. What would your perfect response look like? 

When login to  ChatGPT, it’s easy type in a prompt without thinking much about it. But hold your horses! Take a moment to visualize what you want the content to look like, what it should contain, what it should sound like, etc. 

Let’s take an example of a Social Media manager that needs to craft 1 post for multiple platforms. Instead of typing a vague “Write me a post for Instagram on __,” they should take some time to picture the post in their mind.

  • What tone should it have?
  • What is the character limit?
  • What information does it need to include?

Once they’ve got a clear idea, crafting the perfect prompt becomes a breeze!

“Create a poll question that encourages your followers to engage and share their opinions on a trending topic related to your industry.”


2. Specificity and ACTION

ChatGPT LOVES specifics! If you feed them vague instructions, they might go off on a wild goose chase, trying to figure out what you really want.

Think of AI as Rosie from the Jetsons. It can only do the tasks you program it for, so the more specificity the better the outcome. 

For instance, let’s say you want ChatGPT to “Rewrite this blog post ___.” If you leave it at that, you might end up with a response that simply regurgitates the original words, and that’s no fun!

Instead, use more specific words like “reimagine,” “expand,” “simplify,” or “modernize” to get the result you desire. A tiny change in your prompt can make a big difference!

“Simplify this content <link> so that a beginner to CSS can understand it better. Include more real life examples of x and y.” 


3. Context, context and more context! 

You could stop at the previous step, and sometimes that’s enough, especially for straightforward requests like “Write five knock-knock jokes for kids.”

But if you want to take it to the next leave with your ChatGPT prompts for Digital Marketing, add some context to your prompt. This gives ChaGPT more ingredients to cook up a fantastic response.

Imagine your friend asks you to go to the store and pick up a few things. You’d definitely need more details – which store, what things, any budget restrictions, and so on. AI works the same way!

The more context you provide, the better the response will be. It’s like spicing up your cooking with extra flavor!

“Your company is hosting a limited-time sale. Create an email subject line that compels subscribers to open the email immediately and take advantage of the offer.”


4. Crystal clear instructions 

ChatGPT is super powerful, but it still needs you to show it the way. Without clear instructions, it’s like a chef trying to cook without a recipe or a new employee trying to figure things out without a handbook.

Here’s a simple example: Imagine you want to write an article about Instagram marketing. Instead of just saying, “Write an article about Instagram marketing,” you can also tell ChatGPT to:

  • “Cover these sub-topics…”
  • “Include this awesome quote/statistic…”
  • “Add an example to illustrate…”

See, you’re not only giving ChatGPT a clear topic but also guiding it to shape the content itself. You’re adding cool quotes, interesting stats, and real-life examples to make the output more exciting.

Spice it up with style and tone. To make things even more fun, you can add some style and tone to your prompts! It’s like dressing up your AI chat in different outfits!

You can start by letting ChatGPT generate a general response and then slowly mold it to match a specific style. You can say,

  • “Hey, pretend you’re a cheerful bunny telling me about Instagram marketing.” or
  • “Be like a funny comedian talking about this topic.”

It’s like giving ChatGPT a little nudge to express itself in a unique way. You can even set some rules like, “Keep the article under 800 characters,” or “Give me a list of bullet points.”

So there you have it! With clear instructions and a pinch of style, you’ll have ChatGPT dancing to your tune in no time! Have fun and get creative!


5. And Action! – Be ChatGPT’s Movie Director

Remember that play you were made to do in Elementary school? Did the teacher/parent that was the Director tell you something like “Be the flower. Feel the sun on your face. Show me what that would look like.”? 

Act as ChatGPT’s Director. Tell it what role you want it to play. For example: 

“Pretend you are a parent that is looking to invest in non-toxic cleaning solutions for your home. What are the top reasons you are looking for this type of cleaner? What are the top reasons you will use to select this type of product?

When you define a role for ChatGPTI, like a chef, developer or even a superhero, you’re getting different angles and ideas. This can be super useful for people who want to sell stuff or make things more interesting.


6. Break Up Instructions Into Smaller Pieces

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you get a major project done? Break it down into many smaller steps. 

Sometimes breaking up ChatGPT Prompts for Digital Marketing can serve you well. Instead of asking the AI to “Create a How to Create a Social Media Strategy” ask it to: “Write an Outline for a “How to Create a Social Media Strategy Guide” 

Then take apart the chapters – Tools, Audience Persona, etc. and write separate prompts to create the smaller chapters. That way, you can get very specific with each section and get a much better outcome from your ChatGPT helper. 

Extra! Extra! One More Tip from the ChatGPT Prompts for Digital Marketing Bag of Tricks

Okay, this tip is gold. Remember Hal from 2001 Space Odyssey? Ok, if not, just imagine a robot in the store.

Imagine you’re teaching a robot how to talk like you. You’d talk to it, have it watch some videos of you talking, and give it some things you’ve written to get to know your cadence and mannerisms. Right?

You can do the same with ChatGPT to get even better outcomes from your prompts. Give ChatGPT examples of the content you like for tone or phrasing things – even humor. 

So there you have it! You’re giving ChatGPT a job, helping it think step by step, and even showing it examples. With these tricks, you’ll have it dancing to your tune like a pro!

Lastly, here are some real life ChatGPT prompts for Digital Marketing Tasks for you to use/riff off. 

  • Product Descriptions:
    • Prompt:
      “Imagine you’re introducing your product to someone who has never heard of it before. Write a compelling and concise description that highlights its unique features and benefits.”
  • Social Media Posts:
    • Prompt:
      “You’ve just released a new product/service, and you want to create a captivating social media post to promote it. Craft a short and attention-grabbing message that generates excitement and drives engagement.”
  • Email Subject Lines:
    • Prompt:
      “Your company is hosting a limited-time sale. Create an email subject line that compels subscribers to open the email immediately and take advantage of the offer.”
  • Blog Introductions:
    • Prompt:
      “Write an introduction to a blog post about the latest industry trend. Hook the readers and make them eager to explore the insights you’re about to share.”
  • Video Script Opening Lines:
    • Prompt:
      “You’re creating a promotional video for your brand. Draft an opening line that captures the audience’s attention and leaves them curious about the rest of the video.”
  • Taglines and Slogans:
    • Prompt:
      “Develop a catchy tagline or slogan for your company that represents your values and differentiates you from competitors.”
  • Customer Testimonials:
    • Prompt:
      “Craft a heartfelt and convincing testimonial from a satisfied customer. Showcase their positive experience and how your product/service solved their problem.”
  • Social Media Polls:
    • Prompt:
      “Create a poll question that encourages your followers to engage and share their opinions on a trending topic related to your industry.”
  • Press Release Headlines:
    • Prompt:
      “Your company is about to announce a groundbreaking achievement. Write a headline that grabs the media’s attention and compels them to cover your story.”
  • Infographic Titles:
    • Prompt:
      “You’re designing an infographic to present industry statistics. Come up with a captivating and informative title that encourages people to explore the data.”
  • Website Pop-up Copy:
    • Prompt:
      “Design a persuasive website pop-up message that convinces visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or take advantage of a limited-time offer.”
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) Phrases:
    • Prompt:
      “Generate a compelling CTA phrase that drives visitors to click on your link, sign up for your webinar, or make a purchase.”
  • Ad Copy:
    • Prompt:
      “Create an attention-grabbing ad copy that highlights the benefits of your product/service and compels users to click and explore further.”
  • Influencer Outreach Emails:
    • Prompt:
      “Write a personalized and persuasive email to reach out to an influencer, inviting them to collaborate with your brand.”

Remember, the key to leveraging ChatGPT prompts effectively is to experiment with different ideas and iterate to find the most suitable options for your brand and target audience. 

With the help of ChatGPT prompts for Digital Marketing, your creative process will be enriched, leading to engaging content and marketing campaigns that drive results.

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