About Us

Hello, I'm the SEO Handy Woman.

SEO Handy Woman is about teaching people to fish. We share practical no nonsense information on how to create, build and execute solid White Hat SEO strategies.

Our approach will be to offer:

  • Platform specfic information
  • Industry updates and trends that we will tailor to what that means for business owners and their bottom line
  • Guides and courses that focus on how to execute SEO tactics to increase sales, beat competition and further your bottom line

Think of the SEO Handy Woman as your neighborhood coffee shop where everyone is welcome, feels comfortable and figures out how to build their companies faster. stronger and more profitable.

Our Story

Like most things SEO Handy Woman was created out of a need and a great distaste for bad info being shared.

SEO has always gotten a bad rap and it’s not helped any by a lot of snake oil salespeople running around muddying the waters and leaving bad tastes in people’s mouths.

Is SEO complicated? Yes, it can be, especially when you running a large site and every fraction of a percentage means hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, it also doesn’t have to be. It can be fun and rewarding along with being hugely profitable.

SEO Handy Woman was started as a spin off of Fuller Digital Strategy (FDS) – a full service Digital Marketing agency.

Over the years FDS ran into a lot of startups, and small/medium business owners that had a lot of questions/needs and not enough budget for us to properly help them.

The ethos of FDS has always been to help bring the level of skill and expertise gained working with the Fortune 50-100 clients to the medium and small business owners.

The problem was as the rise of services like Shopify and Magento more people were setting up stores, blogs, and sites to get their side hustle on. They needed the SEO and Digital Marketing help, but they:

  1. Couldn’t afford to pay an expert to teach them or help them do it, and/or
  2. Didn’t have time to figure out how to do it themselves.

What to do? Create a space specfic for a business owner that provides practical knowledge, affordable trainings/guides and a community to learn how to properly execute the SEO tactics that will increase revenue.

All while speaking plainly and not needing a Computer Science degree to understand.

What's Our Street Cred?

We get it, you need to know what our expertise is.

Cat-fishing is real, and you need to do your due diligence to make sure we are real and not a bunch of hacks.

Our founder, Andrea Fuller is a seasoned SEO and Digital Marketing expert with over 20 years experience.

She has created and executed strategies for Fortune 50 companies, international non-profits and small businesses.

Andrea has trained thousands of people globally on search engine optimization and digital marketing techniques, and built international Digital Marketing teams many times over.

In her spare time she also authored “The NO B.S. Guide to Shopify SEO: For Entrepreneurs, Startups & Small Businesses” that has been sold in over 5 countries.

The rest of the team are also seasoned White Hat SEO practitioners with oodles of expertise and experience.

Client Testimonials

“Never before have I taken a course were 100% of it was what I needed. This course was engaging and was just like having a consultant sitting over my shoulder helping me with my exact needs.”
“I started with the ChatGPT guide and was hooked. Everything is data driven and actionable. I purchased the NO B.S. Guide to Shopify and within a month I tripled sales. I didn't know that tech SEO was a thing, let alone how much traffic I would get from fixing it. Lifesaver!”
“As a developer I know SEO is important, but I don't have time to keep up with the latest. The checklist saved me time, was written as a developer-to-developer. My clients have never been happier.”