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Welcome to SEO Handy Woman’s DIY SEO Courses! Cut through the noise and gain practical, business-oriented SEO skills to boost your online presence.

Our courses come from 20+ years experience helping everyone from entrepreneurs, global marketing managers, developers and everyone in-between.

If you want to cut to the chase and through the SEO jargon to learn the skills that will elevate your sales, leads, etc. check out our DIY SEO courses today!

Accelerate Your Success

At SEO Handy Woman, we’re handing you the keys to fast-track your unique journey to online and professional success! Our top-rated courses are packed with proven strategies, tactics, and innovative educational content. Let’s embark on your path to success together!

Get the Real World Playbook

Unlock the treasure trove of SEO Handy Woman’s acclaimed courses, featuring up-to-date curriculum crafted by our experts with over two decades of experience. Navigate personalized pathways for quicker results, as you acquire skills and stay up-to-date with the latest SEO insights and tactics, paving the way for long-term online success.

Master Practical SEO Skills

Embark on a learning adventure with our courses, carefully tailored to match specific skills, profession, and industry. Experience faster learning as we deliver only the most relevant information tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to enhance your professional skills efficiently, so you can upskill in no time.

Achieve Your Online Goals

We get it – the struggle of fitting everything into a day is real! That’s why our courses are here to make it easier. We skip the fluff and give you exactly what you need – practical info and data derived from real client work, just like yours. Let’s team up to speed up your skill acquisition, boost your online success, and make it sustainable for the long haul.

Industry Based DIY SEO Courses

eCommerce Product Page SEO Course

The NO B.S Shopify SEO Course

Skills Based DIY SEO Courses

Mastering the Keyword Maze: An In-Depth Keyword Research Course

The Art of the Redirect: How to Properly Handle Moved and Removed URLs

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