Do Shopify Tags Help SEO?

shopify May 01, 2023

As a Shopify shop owner you are looking to find anyway to get a leg up on your competition and increase sales. That's not rocket science.

But, sometimes in that mind-set you implement tactics without fulling knowing the ramifications positive and negative that they have. Tags are a perfect example of something that looks like a great idea, and is actually extremely detrimental to all sites' SEO efforts. Do Shopify tags help SEO?

Let's walk through it.

What are Shopify Tags?

They are simply a filtering system to assist users navigating items effectively and quickly. An example of this would be a clothing store. You could create tags for color, size or type of clothing. Then, a visitor to your Shopify store would be able to search via those types of tags.

Let's be honest we all shop on Amazon, you know exactly how the left rail navigation works.

But, do Shopify tags help SEO? Now, that we know WHY they exist (and note NOTHING was said about SEO), let's answer this question.

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