Learn 1 of the Best Kept SEO Secrets - FAQs

general seo May 01, 2023

Who isn't looking for ways to:

  1. Increase traffic to their site
  2. Increase sales
  3. Beat their competition

That is the trifecta of all website owners. What if we can help with one of the best kept SEO secrets to help you with all three? Guess what? We can, and it's not creepy or nefarious in anyway. In fact you know about it, but might not be using it to its full potential - FAQs.

One of the Best Kept SEO Secrets - FAQs

Of course we all know about FAQs, but did you know it's easier to rank for and sends ~75% more qualified traffic to your site? Who doesn't want to be seen at the top of search engine result pages AND get more qualified traffic?

The section of the search engine result page FAQs appear in is called "Rich Snippets." Here's what they look like:

Example 1:

Example 2: 

Look at the second example. AZTechApplicance.com is going to win a good portion of the traffic from Home Depot, because their FAQ was written well and coded correctly. Have I got your attention now?


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Top 13 SEO Questions You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask & the Answers to Them

general seo May 01, 2023

When I first started out in the digital world SEO didn’t exist. Not too long after SEO was a technique of adding a bunch of “keywords” in white font on the white side rails of a website.

It wasn’t even really called SEO, it was just the way you could ensure your clients appeared in the first spot of search result pages, and no one wanted to pay for it. 

Things have changed A LOT, but SEO is still something that people have a lot of questions about and think is really hard.

It’s also something that keeps changing and evolving just like the search algorithms. Just because you knew how to do SEO 3 years ago doesn’t mean you know how today.

Frustrating isn’t it? I think it’s fun, but it’s what I choose to do for a living and do it all day everyday. If I didn’t I would be lost too. 

So, let me help by answering the questions I get a lot after I’ve earned someone’s trust because people are too scared or...

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