Unlock the Mystical Secrets: How to Measure SEO Like a Wacky Wizard

analytics May 11, 2023

Alrighty, let's dive into the wild and wacky world of how to measure SEO. KPIs - these mystical creatures are like little numbers that show how well you're nailing your business objectives through your SEO strategy. It's like having a bunch of SEO spies reporting back to you with classified information!

But hold on, I bet you already know this stuff. You're just dying to find out which KPIs are the real MVPs, right?

Fear not, my curious friend. There are 8 magical KPIs for how to measure SEO that you absolutely need to keep an eye on. Brace yourself for the KPI extravaganza:

  1. Organic Traffic 
    This is the army of visitors that magically appears on your website from organic search results. It's like having a swarm of bees flocking to your digital flower garden.

    Tracking organic traffic helps you see if your SEO efforts are paying off and lets you uncover the secret paths people take to find your site.

  2. Keyword Rankings 
    These sneaky little beasts tell you how well your...

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